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Stephen P. Gibert, MD

Pain Medicine Physician & Addiction Medicine located in West Ashley, Charleston, SC
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With more than 20 years of experience, Stephen Gibert, MD, delivers effective, compassionate care to the residents of West Ashley, James Island, Summerville, Mt. Pleasant, Isle of Palms and, North Charleston, Kiawah, Hollywood, Ravenel, Goose Creek, Awendaw, McClellanville and many more surrounding communities of Charleston, South Carolina.

Dr. Gibert has been interested in pain management since he began his medical training. As somebody who has suffered from chronic back pain and had surgery for a ruptured disc, Dr. Gibert truly understands what his patients go through on a daily basis.

After a first career as a math professor, he earned his medical doctorate. Dr. Gibert first attended George’s University School of Medicine in Grenada and graduated with honors from Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, Georgia, in 1997. Dr. Gibert completed an anesthesiology residency in 2001 and a pain management fellowship in 2002.

Dr. Gibert knows the toll that chronic pain can take on patients, both physically and emotionally. Many people suffering from chronic pain turn to opioids to manage their symptoms, but these medications can be dangerous and addictive.

While opioids may be necessary in treating pain when there are no other options, Dr. Gibert always works to minimize their use as much as possible. Dr. Gibert creates treatment plans for his chronic pain patients that emphasize non-opioid treatment when possible, and may include interventional treatment, like trigger point injections, nerve blocks, joint injections, and nutrition counseling, lifestyle modifications, lidocaine infusions, and ketamine infusion therapy in addition to opioid management.

In recent years Dr. Gibert has also been committed to treating opioid addiction. He believes that our current “opioid crisis” must be addressed, and having had years of experience with management of opioids in pain patients, he believes that it is his duty to apply the knowledge he has gained  to help solve that problem in the wider group of non-pain patients who have become addicted to opioids. His focus is on harm reduction, and he believes that mutual respect and compassion are the foundation of the doctor-patient relationship. 

Dr. Gibert lives in Charleston, the city he loves and calls home.

Dr. Gibert is a descendant of South Carolina Huguenots, who arrived in Charleston when it was still called Charlestowne. In his free time, he plays the guitar and sometimes the ukulele, and still studies physics and mathematics as an amateur.

We cannot accept patients for pain management without a referral from another physician. We have limited capacity and therefore can only accept patients for whom we can be of significant benefit.


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